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Agromed Ingeniería Medioambiental

Agromed Ingeniería Medioambiental is a consulting and engineering firm specialized in the provision of services to the environmental, food, industrial and agricultural sectors.

Agromed is composed of a professional team which is characterised by: a close, personal contact with the customer, the search for functionality, the optimization of investment cost, a taste for design and image, and, in short, our main purpose is a job well done.

The engineering and consulting services Agromed have accumulated more than 20 years of experience in the following sectors:


In the environmental sector, the provision of engineering services is focused on the design and execution of reception facilities, storage, treatment, evaluation or disposal of all kinds of waste.

Regarding specialized consulting, the main activity includes the carrying out of different types of environmental research.


In the food sector, the engineering services address the conception, project and development of the food industries in which quality, food safety and respect for the environment are a priority.

The provision of engineering services includes subsidy management, license and authorization procedures, obtaining of registers, etc.


In the agro-industrial sector, the engineering services consist of the project and development of agricultural industries, as well as industrial construction in general, paying particular attention to the functionality and optimization of the agro-industrial processes and architectural design.

The provision of engineering services also includes such activities as subsidy management, permit and authorization procedures, obtaining of registers, etc.


In the agricultural sector, there is a broad provision of engineering services; it includes the design, project and construction of buildings, farms and agricultural and livestock infrastructures, with a full guarantee for the fulfilment of specific normative requirements, both in health and the environment.

As for the previous sectors, the range of services includes subsidy management, permit and authorization procedures, and the obtaining of registers.

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