actividades 001

Prior research

We analyse your needs and we carry out a study of the actions to be taken in order to satisfy them, with the aim of determining, what needs to be done, the financing possibilities, the steps to be taken before its start-up and the necessary terms (permissions, licences, registers, etc.) etc.

actividades 004

Administrative management

We prepare the documentation for all the necessary steps needed for the project’s execution and its start-up: licences (non-urban areas installation, work, first occupancy, activity and opening, etc); license (roads, construction in road or channel, dumps); registers (industrial, agricultural and food industries, sanitary, etc).

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It comprises the analysis of needs, productive unity conception, infrastructure, technical aspects (constructions, facilities, machinery and equipment) and its suitability regarding the applicable regulations. (urban, technical-sanitary, environmental, industrial, etc.).

The project is composed of the technical documentation which is necessary to define the works, facilities and the equipment; to quantify the amount of investment and also to justify its economic viability, serving as a basis for the acquiring of all the necessary license, licences and registers in accordance with the activity thereof.

actividades 005

Technical assistance during the contracting phase

We offer technical and financial advice during the contracting phase of the works, facilities and equipment, with the aim of making it easier to choose the contractors and to obtain the best technical-financial solution.

We prepare the necessary technical and financial documentation, we find the suppliers and contractors, we send the documentation to the contractors and we prepare the reports on the offers received. We provide you with all the necessary information to guarantee good contracting.

actividades 003

Subsidies and grants

We carry out the evaluation of different subsidies and grant opportunities. We deal with the necessary documentation, processing and carrying out the monitoring of files, both application and collection.

actividades 006

Health and Safety technical management and coordination

We deal with everything that is necessary in order to carry out the execution of works, facilities and equipment according to the conditions established in the technical documentation which has been designed by our company and approved by the different entities which were involved in its authorization, mainly in the urban, sanitary, environmental and health and safety spheres.

They include the following tasks: work document drafting (variation orders, notification of the commencement of works, approval of safety plans, receipts, etc.); drafting of periodic work reports; verification and control performance (geometry, altimetry, geotechnics); test and trial requests (concrete, steel, cement, etc); research, incorporation of modifications and the issuing of work certificates.

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